Our Vision

Our vision at BabyEats is to save you energy and time while keeping your family and the health of your little ones at the top of your priority list. We know how bad it feels to feed your babies out of pouches, that were possibly prepared before they were even born, so we have stepped in to help on that!

We prepare and deliver your baby meals every day -You get back the choice of spending your time on what matters most!

The Meals We prepare

While commercial baby foods are made using extreme heat and preservatives, we make sure that we prepare your blends with only fresh and healthy ingredients: No preservatives, No processed sugars and No salt added. We expose your baby to a large range of ingredients and ensure that they are getting a balanced diet during their most formative time of brain & physical development.

Our Operation

​We prepare your blends every day in our approved commercial kitchen, and deliver them fresh to your door. The blends can be consumed directly, refrigerated for 2 days or frozen for up to 4 weeks. Regardless of the subscription you choose (Weekly/Monthly), we will prepare your meals fresh every day.

Pediatrician approved

We work with a licensed pediatrician to ensure that every blend is individually created to offer the highest nutritional value, with specifics benefits highlighted for you to know.