Meet The Founder

Meet the founder

As a working mother, successful in my career, I wanted to balance between my job and my family without compromising on any front. More specifically I wanted to make sure my baby Ali, had his daily supply of fresh and healthy food. Disappointed with the choices I found on grocery shelves, I decided to start preparing his meals every day. This was possible during my extended maternity leave, however, realizing how difficult my routine would become when it was time to go back to work, and based on my endless discussions with my fellow working moms in Dubai, the concept of BabyEats came to life.

Ali was 6 months old then, so curious and excited to try the all new concept of flavors and tastes. To me, I was happy to see the growth and development of my two babies, Ali and the concept of BabyEats. With the support of my husband, family and friends, and after a year of research, work and planning, I quit my job to establish my operation in Dubai. I am very excited to connect with each and every mom in UAE who needs my support during the critical stages of her baby’s life.

Meet The Founder

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