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At BabyEats, we prepare fresh and healthy blends for your babies delivered daily to your doorstep wherever you are in UAE. Our menus cover ages from 6-18 months and comprise a wide variety of fresh ingredients to cater for the nutritional needs of your growing baby. The blends are a combination of fruits, vegetables, fresh meats and grains with absolutely no use of preservatives, salt and processed sugars.

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Why Choose Baby Eats

At Baby Eats we do not only serve baby food, but rather prepare your little ones’ complete MEAL PLANS through-out the day, week and even month. You simply need to Select your baby stage, and leave the rest to us! After all our concept is a product of our founder’s personal experience with her baby who was 6 months old when it all started.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

“As a Mom, I love to have my baby try new food and flavors, and BabyEats gave me an opportunity to feed him food or recipes that I don’t normally serve or are difficult to prepare. My little foodie loved everything; and serving him different meals everyday makes me feel like I’ve done my best as a first-time Mom.” 
Franzine / Happy Mum (Dubai)
“BabyEats has given me the opportunity to indulge in the time I have with Ayah and not worry about her food as she is getting an all round healthy nutrition. Lama the founder of BabyEats made sure that we got the right textures for Ayah and has always been very responsive, I can’t imagine our life without BabyEats. I highly recommend every mum to try it.Thank you for giving me back the time with my precious baby❤ ” 
Islam Jabri / Happy Mum (Dubai)
“Before BabyEats, making baby food once every three days was too cumbersome and bothersome, but after ordering BabyEats, I can feed the ingredients evenly, get various textures, and most of all, there is no need to make baby food every three days. It’s delicious enough for adults to eat. I was very happy that my baby was able to eat again.” 
Kim / Happy Mum (Dubai)
“I love how easy and customizable the whole process is. The owner Lama is a sweetheart and is ready to help make the yummiest food fit for your baby. The packaging is great equipped with an ice pack to make sure the food stays fresh. They also have a recycling program which is amazing. I fully recommend it!” 
Angela Arnaoot / Happy Mum (Dubai)
“I usually do not write any kind of recommendations HOWEVER BabyEats deserves one 🙂 I work full-time so trying to find the time to cook for my baby girl is quite difficult. I came across BabyEats and thought I would give it a shot. It was the best decision I ever made. The food is being delivered on a daily basis and you can see that everything is freshly made. My baby girl is a fussy eater and Lama changed the menu to ensure that every meal is enjoyable. I can’t thank her enough. She is truly a gem who wants to ensure that your baby is happy.” 
Nadine / Happy Mum (Dubai)
When I started with BabyEats for the first week, after supermarket jars were a big no for me, my life changed. My son was so happy! The food is amazing, it smells fresh and so yummy as I tried it myself and the variety of blends is fantastic. Then Georges started to like certain things and he needed some portions to be adjusted. Lama, the founder, was my rescue person and she made sure that everything came all adjusted to the way Georges likes it! The least I can say is BabyEats saved me because I had no time to cook due to an unfortunate event at home, and was so worried, and I found BabyEats by chance and it was the most amazing experience and recommend everyone to try it! Thank you so much BabyEats for everything!
Pamela El Kahi / Happy Mum (Dubai)
“BabyEats has been a great addition to our baby Anna Luiza’s routine. The team is absolutely amazing, always getting feedback to improve textures as the baby grows. I can highly recommend BabyEats. This is not a traditional baby food, It is a high quality fresh food to our babies to help them grow healthy”
Francielle Kanayet / Happy Mum (Abu Dhabi)
“As a busy mum of 2, BabyEats saved me a lot of time and effort, Knowing as well that I am giving my baby healthy nutritious meals. I am so grateful I found BabyEats”
Lina / Happy Mum (Dubai)
“Two things you will always always find in my kitchen are coffee and BabyEats meals in my fridge. They are a lifesaver for me on days when I am too lazy to cook for my son or on days when we go out. Fresh, Healthy & organic meals delivered to my doorstep! What more can I want :)” 
Dana Khalil / Happy Mum (Dubai)
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